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Grilling in the kitchen

Grilling in the kitchen

Hello there! It’s an absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance! I’m Ryan and I put the gentleman in Gentleman’s Bistro (seriously).

I’ve always been into clean eating, natural health, and cooking; but really started putting together my own recipes and healthy spins on delicious ones that I’d come across in 2012 when my life fell into chaos. My former wife and I had officially decided to go our separate ways, and there I was (like most gentleman out there) without a decent culinary skill to my name.

I started this blog because it was writing, cooking, and sharing quality time with my daughter in the kitchen that assisted me in escaping the erratic emotional turmoil that I was experiencing. In addition to recipes, I occasionally share my random thoughts from my thoroughly complicated, unpredictable, and outstanding life.

Here’s a little bit more background on us:

Nairie /ni-,ree/, the most incredible daughter in the history of daughters, was born to her mother and I on a crisp morning in 2008. She immediately captivated both my heart and mind, which continues to this day.

My sporadic story started in 1984 in the middle of the Pacific on O’ahu. Shortly after, my ‘Mainland’ adventure was launched in California. Some hats I’ve worn in my career are U.S. Navy, entrepreneurial endeavors,  to corporate marketing, and digital media.

So this blog serves a couple of purposes: the first is sharing these decadent dishes in dapper attire from my daughter and I; and the second is bringing you along on this intriguing journey through life and thoughts of mine. So thank you for accompanying me on this culinary and personal experience.

And if you really want to see what goes on in my personal life, then I invite you to please join me Facebook.


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